Growth Update!
Monday, February 08, 2010 | 6 comments

It's been two months since the last update! Sorry for the hiatus, lovelies. We'll be updating more frequently now. Anyway, I am one month away from my first year ful...

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Do you scratch your scalp? I know I used to do this a lot. I even used to scratch before I got my hair relaxed like an idiot. But that’s another story. Anyway, scratching your scalp IS NOT good. I don’t care what your mom or granny said. It’s baaad. Scratching cuts your scalp making it susceptible to a whole assortment of bacteria. If you have an itch, fight it! I use a dab of moisturizing lotion when I need to itch. But using a dab of witch hazel or any sort of astringent can also give your scalp some relief.

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Songbird B says
January 19, 2008 at 1:06 AM

I didn't know this! Thanks!

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