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It's been two months since the last update! Sorry for the hiatus, lovelies. We'll be updating more frequently now. Anyway, I am one month away from my first year ful...

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Combing natural hair frequently can actually cause breakage, one-strand knots, and other problems. If you're natural, try finding a style that doesn't call for daily combing or invest in a seamless comb. Your hair will thank you for it! And if you do comb, remember to comb from ends to roots (and in sections for longer hair).


My Jilbere comb's tips rubbed off and have been causing breakage to my hair so I picked up a new comb by a brand called HairArt. It's handmade, static-free, heat & chemical resistant, and most importantly... it's SEAMLESS. The Jilbere comb, although many people believe it's seamless (even I did), is not seamless.

The comb sells at about $6-$8 at beauty supply stores. Anyway, I also plan to buy a rattail comb from the brand when I take down this installation in February.


Temporary hair straightening using a flat iron is achieved by applying heated tongs to the length of the hair. This heat breaks and then reforms the hydrogen bonds in the inner core of the hair fiber. Dr. Mirmirani noted that while the goal of straightening is to alter the inner substance of the hair, the unwanted consequence may be damage to the outer protective cuticle, causing weathering, damage and eventual hair breakage.

Hair weathering or damage is usually characterized by dry ends or flyaway hair. However, if breakage occurs, it can happen anywhere along the length of the hair and cause a shaggy or skimpy appearance to the hair. When this occurs, flat iron users may use the device even more frequently to try to tame the broken or uneven appearance of their hair — which can lead to more damage.

Today, many ceramic flat irons on the market have variable heat settings with maximum temperatures of up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit (210 degrees Celsius). Prior studies have shown that temperatures of 347 to 419 degrees Fahrenheit (175 to 215 degrees Celsius) for as little as five minutes are enough to damage most hair. However, Dr. Mirmirani warns this threshold may be even lower if the heat is applied to damp hair or hair that has been chemically treated with color or permanents, as she is seeing patients who fit this scenario more frequently. If women are not willing to give up their flat irons in the quest for straight hair, Dr. Mirmirani advised them to take precautions.

"Proper use of flat irons is extremely important, especially given how quickly hair can be damaged with high heat settings," said Dr. Mirmirani. "Flat irons should only be applied to dry hair, and specialized styling products that act as heat protectors may be applied to the hair prior to pressing to help prevent burning and allow for smoother hair that remains straight longer. If there is a temperature setting on the device, it should be set no higher than 347 degrees Fahrenheit, or 175 degrees Celsius, or on the low/medium setting." Read More >>

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Allantion is known for its healing, anti-irritating, and soothing properties. It helps to heal an irritated and stimulate growth of healthy tissue.


Merry Christmas to all! We hope that all of you are having a safe and fun Christmas today. I finally got a sew-in (Beauty Elements Super Wave) and will be going to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button today so before I leave, here's the discussion:

  • What did you get today?
  • Did you have a dinner or party?
  • How'd you wear your hair?
We'd love to hear your responses! Don't be shy...


Product Name: Mizani Thermasmooth System
Price Range: $25.95-$35.95 (each)
Company: Mizani USA (
Catch Phrase: ThermaSmooth is Mizani’s salon-exclusive, synergistic thermal smoothing system designed to repair, protect and smooth the hair from the very first step. With Mizani’s exclusive C3 Smoothing Complex of Coconut Oil, Ceramides and Cationic Polymers, Thermasmooth provides weightless protection for long-lasting, frizz-free, smooth style - ideal for use on natural, excessively curly hair to hair that is relaxed and or color treated.

What I Say: I nearly cried when they rang up the items. I bought the whole line and it costed me over $100! I was praying that it worked since my new growth was getting to the point where I couldn't see my scalp. Remember how I said shampoos hardly ever work for me? The Mizani Thermasmooth Shampoo did! My hair was sooo incredibly soft after shampooing and didn't feel stripped at all when I shampooed again. The conditioner and serum were perfect. I used a little bit more of the serum since I omitted the last step (which is the Shine Extend Anti-Humidity Spritz). My scalp can now see the sunlight! I RECOMMEND THIS TO EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY MY 4a/4b GIRLS!

Product Tip: For better results, use the technique highlighted in Celebrity Hair: Get Michelle Obama's Look.
Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (5/5)


This looks interesting. While browsing through Sally's, I saw this little device. It's designed to give your instant volume! If you're like me, creating a pomp isn't easy so this might be the answer to my prayers! Here's what the company has to say about their product:

Bumpits are an exciting new revolutionary way to create perfect volume. These comfortable, leave-in self-gripping, hidden inserts create perfect volume every time! Simple to use and cost less than one trip to the salon. Now you can feel confident and beautiful by going from flat to fabulous in just seconds.

To convince you even more, watch the video below. It's so simple to use:

If you're loving this product, feel free to order it here. And if anyone out there has tried this, what are your thoughts? Was it worth the buy?

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Michelle Obama has to be the only celebrity to be featured on TCHD more than twice -- and with good reason! Just look at her hair. It's stunning, soft, shiny, and has more movement than most women who have relaxers! Since the Inauguration is right around the corner, we here at TCHD will give you the scoop on achieving Michelle's signature look!

Johnny Wright, Mrs. Obama's stylist, won't really share his technique to the masses, but he was happy enough to share the products he has used on her hair.

" keep her hair moisturized, I use the Shea Butter conditioner from Fekkai and Glossing Cream. It really keeps the hair moisturized. And Fekkai Coiff Anti-Frizz creme is excellent for that. It's probably one of my favorite products."

Even though he won't let us in on how exactly he uses the products, we'll teach how to achieve Mrs. O's gorgeous look. As we all know, Michelle is natural. To get natural hair to look identical to a relaxer, here's what you'll need:

  • A brush designed for blow drying (i.e a paddle brush, round brush, or even a Denman brush)
  • A wide tooth detangling comb
  • Hair clips to section off hair
  • Blow dryer w/ nozzle (an Ionic one please!)
  • Ceramic flat iron (Tourmaline, Ionic, or both)
Step One: Shampoo
Apply a reasonable amount of shampoo (preferably a moisturizing one) to wet hair and work into a lather for one minute. Rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water and repeat.

Step Two: Condition
After shampooing, towel-blot the hair. Apply a generous amount of conditioner to the hair, comb through with a wide tooth comb, and place a plastic cap on the hair. Sit under the dryer for 10-15 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water for one to two minutes then turn the water temperature to cool and rinse. This will help seal the cuticles.

Step Three: Protect
When the conditioner is completely rinsed out, apply a small amount (a little more for coarse-haired girls like yours truly) of heat protectant evenly throughout the hair.

Step Four: Straighten
Section the hair in fours. Starting from the back, blow dry the hair on low with a paddle/round brush. Working in small 1" by 1.5" sections, flat iron the hair on medium (about 250-300 degrees).

I truly hope this helps anyone who is Natural, transitioning, or stretching. I use this technique every time I want to straighten now and I love it.


Remember Dalilredmama? She was our feature around March of this year. She was transitioning to natural and actually went through with it. Her last relaxer was October 2007 I believe. The photos you see are of her and her natural texture. The first picture (with brown hair) was taken June 2008 while the second picture (with black hair) was taken November 2008. She's had a lot of growth since her BC in June. Can you believe the second picture was AFTER a trim?

Her hair texture is somewhere between 3c and 4a. Her favorite product right now is the Kinky-Curly Curling Custard.


What is the most difficult part of transitioning/stretching? Keeping the new growth soft and manageable of course! We here at TCHD present you with some awesome product suggestions that can help you along your transition or stretch:

Hair Rules™ Quench Deep Conditioner
This daily, ultra-rich conditioning and softening treatment promotes suppleness, manageability and shine in parched, spongy, frizzy and lackluster hair. Formulated with honey and glycerin to enhance moisture penetration, protect against breakage and encourage hair's natural tendency to curl. Super-conditioning Shea butter, coconut and olive oils, with extracts of avocado and jojoba keeps kinky, curly and wavy hair healthy and lustrous.

Hair Rules™ Kinky Curling Cream
This amazing, ultra-moisturizing curling cream transforms spongy 'fro and kinks into bouncy, luscious spirals, simply and effortlessly. Stretches and defines tightly wound tresses without chemical or thermal manipulation. Eliminates shrinkage and banishes frizz in a single step for wash-and-go results.

Curls™ "Transitioning Diva" Kit
This kit is packed with four products designed to ease the stress of transitioning. It includes a sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, a moisturizer (with Sunscreen!), and of course a finishing cream that has ingredients to help soften the line of demarcation.

Mizani™ Thermasmooth
THERMASMOOTH is MIZANI’s Salon-Exclusive Synergistic Smoothing System designed to smooth, treat and protect hair throughout its 4 step process. With serious consideration of the effects of heat on hair, it is critical that conditioners protect against breakage and internal moisture lost. MIZANI, the global leader in hair conditioning treatment technology for excessively curly hair continues to lead the healthy hair charge with the new innovative technology of C3 SMOOTHING COMPLEX - Ceramides, coconut oil and Cationic Polymers, that offer weightless protection for long-lasting, frizz-free, smooth style.


After using SunSilk Anti-Poof Conditioner for the past few weeks, I thought I should highlight the product's golden ingredient, Jojoba oil. Although I've already discussed the benefits of Jojoba oil before, I thought it'd be best to reintroduce the oil to any newbies that are going through the blog for the first time.

Like I said before, Jojoba oil is very similar to the sebum found in the scalp. But what even I didn't know was that Jojoba oil can actually help calm frizz! It absorbs very well, which means it would be great as a carrier oil for essential oils.

As a hair conditioner and serum. Mix a few drops into your conditioner and rinse out. You can also put a couple of drops on your palm and apply to the ends of damp hair before blowdrying - a great trick for soft strands. Or if your hair is looking dull, or frizzy, a little jojoba oil on the ends will smooth out the cuticle, making it look shiny and healthy. It's been said that the Incas used to massage jojoba oil frequently into their scalps, promoting thick and lustrous hair. (Excerpt from Uses of Jojoba Oil)

I am so sticking to SunSilk Anti-Poof for sure. I will also buy some regular ol' Jojoba oil soon. Most likely after the holidays!


Previous Recipe: Homemade Rosewater, Sulfur Growth Aid, Cayenne Pepper Stimulant, The 2Bossay Growth Aid, Moe's Growth Oil, Moisturizing Spritz

I'm always looking for super-duper moisturizers and for some reason, natural based products work better for me. Although I haven't tried this recipe myself, I'm pretty sure it might work for most people.

Shealoe Butter
  • 1/2 cup shea butter
  • 1/2 cup 100% aloe gel/juice
  • 1 TBSP emulsifying wax
  • 1 TBSP honey
  • 10-20 drops grapeseed oil
Melt shea butter, honey, and wax in a double boiler for twenty minutes. Add aloe and grapeseed oil and simmer for three minutes. Let it cool naturally, mixing with hand mixer every half hour or so. Should take a couple of hours to harden.

If making it seems too time-consuming, you can always buy some from here.


This is T'Keyah Crystal Keymah! You probably remember her from In Living Color and most recently, That's So Raven. I always loved her simple plaits in That's So Raven, but she never really showed her fabulous mane! Well, here it is in all its glory. Enjoy.


Rachel Roy at a screening for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button earlier this week.


Don't pile your on top of your head when shampooing. Water raises the scales of the cuticle, making the hair more susceptible to breakage. Piling the hair on top of the head when shampooing not only can cause breakage, but the hair can actually tangle together causing a "bird's nest" appearance!


After much consideration, I decided that I will cut off approximately 2" off! Why? The bulk of my hair is texlaxed while the last inch or two is bone-straight. I'm not happy with that so I'm trimming it all off.

I will NOT do it myself, however. I will leave the cutting to a wonderful stylist, whom I have had many great hair experiences with. After that, the grow-out challenge will begin! For my personal challenge, this is what I'll do:

  • Pre-poo with olive oil and garlic
  • Shampoo and condition with pH-balanced products
  • Deep condition with a light reconstructor mixed with a moisturizing conditioner
  • Moisturize at least two to three times a week
  • Chelate every two months to rid hair of product buildup
  • Take vitamins EVERYDAY! No ifs, ands, or buts
  • Massage scalp daily

That's my supposed regimen. It's not set in stone since I'm always doing product reviews and what not, but I like it. I don't really have a length goal as of now, but I'll keep you updated!


Product Name: Silk Elements Silken Child Silk Moisturizing Creme
Price Range: $3-$5
Company: Silk Elements (
Catch Phrase: Silken Child Silk Moisturizing Creme is a daily reviver of moisture balance, shine and manageability. Silk Amino Acids, Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil help to protect hair from breakage and eliminates dry, lifeless hair.

What I Say: This product is white and has a creamy consistancy. As soon as I applied it (2 times in ONE day), I knew that this was not going to penetrate my hair properly. It did not provide me with the moisture that I normally get from Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion. My ends were quite dry all day long and I saw a few broken hairs because of the dryness I experienced today. I'm not impressed at all. This moisturizer worked a tiny bit better when applied to damp hair. I will not repurchase.

Product Tip: Use on damp hair or as a sealant since there are a lot of oils in it!!
Rating: ♥ ♥ (2/5)


Brought to you by: Hairlicious Inc.


I've been tagged by Sunshyne so here's a little bit about me (Yes, I know, you're getting sick of knowing things about me, LOL):

where is your cell phone? On my lap.

where is your significant other? Sleeping at home. LOL.

your hair color? Reddish brown (makes no sense since I DYED it permanent Blue Black).

your mother? At work

your father? A couple hours from here in his room.

your favorite thing? Art!

your dream last night? I wish I remembered.

your dream/goal? To become an accomplished artist.

the room you're in? Computer room.

your hobby? My blog and network!

your fear? I fear nothing but God.

where do you want to be in 6 years? Hmmm, I want to be living somewhere like France or London.

where were you last night? With my boyfriend, trying to fix his car window.

what you're not? A liar. Can't lie to save my life.

one of your wish list items? A fixed car!

where you grew up? In the quaint little town of Miami!

the last thing you did? Ate some chocolate chip cookies.

what are you wearing? Polo and jeans.

your tv? Nothing.

your pet? Sadly, I don't have one.

your computer? My ACER.

your mood? Tired.

missing someone? My best friend who is supposed to be here RIGHT NOW!

your car? Nissan Altima '99 Beige.

something you're not wearing? Shoes.

favorite store? Forever21, Heritage, Aeropostale, Urban Outfitters, etc.

your summer? Here in Miami, soaking up the Sun.

love someone? God.

your favorite color? Yellow.

when is the last time you laughed? 20 minutes ago.

last time you cried? Last week after car accident.

are you a bitch? No, too nice as a matter of fact.

favorite position? Forward (Basketball, people!)

favorite past time? Basketball.

are you a hater or a lover? Lover.

are you genuine or fake? Genuine.

any vices? I dunno...

pro life or wire hanger? Pro-Life... but (people might start throwin' stones) people should be able to make their own decisions; that's the point of free-will.

mccain or obama? Mr. "That one" Obama! LOL.

pro plastic or natural? Natural

dream job? A successful artist.


Here's the latest flat iron to hit the market! But unlike other flat irons, this one's cordless -- and rechargeable! This is what the company has to say about its hot tool:

Free yourself from the burden of cord-based styling tools without sacrificing high performance and precision with the mini wireless iron from metropolis. At only 7.5”, the ultra-compact design provides extreme portability and convenience with tourmaline ionic ceramic plates that give you professional results.

And you guys all know how great ionic and tourmaline tools are for hair, right? Priced at $149, this might be my next flat iron. Maybe. Thoughts?

Special thanks to Tyra for the info!



I've been trying to catch up on A LOT of e-mails from readers (I ♥ you guys! Thanks so much for e-mailing me!) but there were a few that were lost in the pile so please re-send your e-mail if your e-mail has not been answered. I've been going through some things (Family things, my first car accident, school...) so sifting through the endless e-mails has become quite a challenge. So, once again, if your e-mail was not answered the day after you sent it, please re-send it!


Rosario Dawson looking amazingly beautiful at the Seven Pounds press conference in California earlier this week.


Product Name: Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Solid Ice Pomade
Price Range: $4.99-$6.99
Company: Fantasia Industries Corporation (
Catch Phrase: Condition, Smoothes, Shines.

What I Say: This product reminds me of Let's Jam. I honestly like it. It holds the hair really well, while still keeping it soft. I only used a little bit though since too much might make my hair greasy. The wonderful thing about this product is that it contains Aloe vera gel, wheat protein, vitamin B-1, niacin, biotin, and vitamin B-6.

Product Tip: Use only a small amount!
Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (5/5)


Okay, I received the Satin Sakk a few weeks ago and it's been very good to me. It literally is a sack with satin on the inside. The great thing about it is that your edges are protected by the soft satin edge of the Sakk. I would totally recommend this to all my braided beauties! My mother loves the short one for her nightly hair wraps.

To view more Satin Sakks or to purchase one yourself, check out the official website at:


Beyonce, a.k.a Sasha Fierce, at the premiere of her movie, Cadillac Records, earlier this week.


Anonymous said...

I've had a lot of shedding lately and a lot of the hairs have a solid white substance on them. Do you know what that is and why it's happening?

The little white bulbs at the end of the hair aren't anything to worry about. It's perfectly normal to find them when it comes to shed hair. I believe that the white bulbs are made from the sebum found in the scalp, but I could be wrong.

Shedding is normal for people, especially during certain seasons. However, if your diet lacks vitamins (like Iron), abnormal shedding will occur. It's best that you have a good diet filled with Iron, B-complex vits, and of course... protein.