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Monday, February 08, 2010 | 6 comments

It's been two months since the last update! Sorry for the hiatus, lovelies. We'll be updating more frequently now. Anyway, I am one month away from my first year ful...

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Product Name: Ellin LaVar Textures LiquidMotion
Price Range: $7.99 (5 oz)
Catch Phrase: Activates natural waves and curls leaving hair incredibly soft and shiny. Amplifies the effects of blow drying and setting the hair, builds body. ‘Memory Hold’ so style stays in place until you re-wet or re-heat the hair.

What I Say: My hair's been reacting well to thick moisturizers and this one is no different. It smells great and as soon as I applied it, my hair was soft. Even after a few hours, the moisturized feeling is still there. My hair is looser and tangle-free. This is truly a great product for us girls with naturally kinky and coily hair. The great thing about this product is that I can use it if I want to blow dry or set my hair.

Product Tip: Use it as a moisturizer or setting lotion!
Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (5/5)


Anonymous says
March 12, 2009 at 3:04 PM

hey, have you tried any of their other products. did you like them?

Belle Cheveux says
March 12, 2009 at 4:57 PM

I'm in the process of reviewing the SatinSoft and ReconstructMasque. :)

Anonymous says
March 14, 2009 at 2:47 PM

this sounds like it would be great! however i want to what do you suggest to use on hair that was relaxed and now going natural? my hair's length is about to the middle of my back and thick...i haven't had a relaxer since Oct and i am really trying to go without putting it in every new growth is really wavy/curly but my ends are still straight from the relaxer...any suggestions?? i recently started using kinky-curly for when i wash and go...

Belle Cheveux says
March 19, 2009 at 1:05 AM

Yes, this product would work great for natural and relaxed hair. As long as the new growth is moisturized, it should be a lot easier to maintain.

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