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It's been two months since the last update! Sorry for the hiatus, lovelies. We'll be updating more frequently now. Anyway, I am one month away from my first year ful...

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Your name/username

Where are you from?
Manhattan, NY

How long have you been transitioning?
I've been transitioning for 1 year and 10 months

Tell us your hair story. Why did you decide to transition?
I was natural for 18 years of my life and I loved it. I my hair was long and thick. I lived off of press n' curls and I'd constantly get compliments from people who thought my hair was a weave or wig (which I've never wore before). By the end of my Senior year in HS my mother thought it was time I got a perm because I was going to college. I never wanted to get a relaxer even though for almost my entire life I had been pressured by my hairdresser and dominican hair dressers to do so. Finally after constant prodding and pressuring and feeling guilty I finally did as my mom asked and got a relaxer from my hairdresser of 6 years. I used CON no lye relaxer and man did it itch. I was hella sad. My hair felt so lifeless, I mean it was still long but I just wasn't used to relaxed hair and I didn't like how it looked for awhile.

Eventually after several months I was getting accustomed to my relaxed hair until I went to college and tried to wash my hair myself. Oh, btw I never washed my hair by myself even when I was 18..I only learned how to do it properly a year later...sad I know. So I was in my college dorm trying to wash my hair alone and tons of hair came out. Clumps of relaxed hair came out I was so scared. After that and getting my hair touched up two more times I was done. I hated relaxers and I hated not having my natural thickness. I missed my puffy hair. My hair had become shorter and thinner. I continued to shed like crazy even though I went to the hair salon twice a month for wash and deep condition (which was substantial when I had natural hair).

So after getting my first relaxer in July or August of 2007 and getting my last touch up in January of 2008, I went all natural. I continued going to the salon for wash n' sets but I stopped my touch ups. And finally in the second week of September of 2009 I stopped going to salons all together. I know it's pretty recent but I completely started washing my hair once a week which is a step up from my previous twice a month wash n' set. I now pre-poo for 30mins to and hour, shampoo with CON moisturizing shampoo, deep condition with ORS replenishing pack and a leave-in moisturizing/ protein conditioner.

I never use heat and I live off of twist outs, braid outs and buns. Oh! and I now moisturize and seal at least once a day, twice if I feel good. I'm really hoping to get back to my glory days but whenever I feel depressed over my short thin hair I try not to look back at my old pics and I just tell myself that it took 18 years to get my hair the length it use to be so I have until I'm in my 30s to see if my new regimen is working.

What have you discovered so far in your transitioning journey?
It is not easy! It definitely takes a lot of time and patience (which I've always lacked). So it's definitely an uphill struggle but you have to stay motivated, moisturized and protein-ed up.

What technique has helped you the most during your transition?
I actually do not use heat anymore not even for dc...but that's just because I'm on a no heat challenge for 100 days and I always deep condition. I don't have silk or satin pillows but I do have a satin cap, so that's holding me over.

Your advice to the readers
Minimize heat usage and moisturize & seal your hair (ends especially).


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