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It's been two months since the last update! Sorry for the hiatus, lovelies. We'll be updating more frequently now. Anyway, I am one month away from my first year ful...

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Today, while I was checking the e-mail for TCHD, I happened upon an advertisement for OOKISA Hair Care System For Beautiful Hair. Naturally, I decided to look into it and saw some pretty good things.

Fortifying Shampoo
Fortifying Shampoo powerfully cleanses and removes polluting substances that clog hair follicles and keep you from achieving optimum hair thickness. This daily formula penetrates evenly through hair follicles and strands with firm yet gentle massaging strokes.

• Gently yet powerfully frees hair of impurities
• Bestows a fresh and lively bounce
• Sulfate–free: Will not dry or strip hair

Replenishing Conditioner
Replenishing Conditioner moisturizes hair with a lightweight blend of hydrating nutrients that give hair a silky look and feel. Your styling ritual becomes a pleasure, as each follicle and strand is refreshed and renewed. Thickening and strengthening compounds lift with volume and dimension that resist thinning or weakness. Perfect for color–treated or damaged hair.

Formulated with a concentrated blend of complex amino acids that fortify the hair cortex and coat the hair cuticle. It also protects hair so it is resistant to breakage.

• Amplify hair strength by 59%*
• Prevents color fading
• Reduces split ends

Instant Volumizing Souffle
Instant Volumizing Souffle applies a body building approach to your hair. This luxurious whipped mousse immediately gives hair a breathtaking lift, while exercising, toning and fortifying the inner structures of scalp, cuticles and follicles. Hair moves with an ease and fluidity that maintains your style all day long.

Rooibos Red Tea, also known as Honeybush, has been consumed in Africa and the Middle East as an invigorating tonic. Rooibos extract, when applied to hair, stimulates hair follicles to quickly increase volume and moisture, for a full and brilliant look.

• Instantly add volume, lift and flexibility
• Enhance structure for extra dimension
• Weightless hydration maximizes brilliance

Although I have yet to try it, the system sounds pretty good! OOKISA also has other great things like the Nighttime Follicle Renewing Serum, Follicle Anti–Aging Dietary Supplement, and Hair Health Dietary Supplement. Just check out the official website for more!

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whitecurl says
March 14, 2009 at 10:27 AM

I am still loving Mixed Chicks. Found there ad right here and am very thankful. My curly-white-girl hair that looks ethnic is so bouncy and happy now. And no frizz!

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